Fles Japanse 100Kn Lr

Ginderella is the very first and most famous member of the Heynsquared family.

Herb Robert, Japanese knotweed and lesser swine-cress are but a few of the herbs and weeds which were used to give this gin its distinctive flavour and aroma. Eventually, no fewer than 9 extracts (3 weeds, 3 invasive species that are only known to weed control services and 3 classic botanicals) were used to create Ginderella. Apart from the black pepper and kaffir lime - bought fresh in Ghent - all the ingredients were freshly foraged with all the necessary expertise and more from Ghent and its surroundings.

The use of fresh herbs distinguishes Ginderella from any other competitor in the world of gin, where flavours are usually based on dried, imported, classic seasonings. This unique concept is becoming increasingly understood and appreciated by experts and customers alike.