About us


Brothers with a mission

Heynsquared is brewed by two brothers, Jan and Geert Heyneman, both graduates of Ghent University, with a deep respect for nature.

Geert is an urban ecologist in Ghent who has a considerable knowledge of plants and edible weeds. After taking a distilling course, this botanist and culinary genius got a taste for product development. His brother Jan, with extensive experience in corporate life, is in charge of the commercial activities. The entire Heyneman family is picking and plucking as fast as it can to help make the brothers’ dream come true.

Wild urban nature in a tasty product range

Heynsquared has a clear mission: to incorporate wild urban nature into a tasty product range that gives everyone an alternative taste of the city. By foraging for unknown or unloved herbs (such as invasive species) in a controlled manner, they can keep their products firmly rooted in the city’s ecology.

To process the herbs, the Heyneman brothers have developed several unconventional processes to distil nature’s extracts. The final result is an original and unique product range with Ginderella, a gin based on invasive species from Ghent’s urban nature, taking pride of place as its most famous product.

Besides finished products, they also provide pure basic extracts to professionals in the hotel and catering industry. Chefs can spice up their menus by using the extracts in the creation of sorbets, exclusive cocktails and other dishes.

Plucking the fruits together?

The brothers would love to take you exploring in Ghent or other cities: why not join them on one of their foraging walks? Their approach is pure and natural, entirely in line with the Heyneman family’s mentality. You are bound to be amazed by the flavours that you will discover during a simple stroll through (urban) nature. Your efforts will be rewarded with sheer pleasure: gin and tonic and an omelette with wild picked herbs or pesto pasta.